KSB Butterfly Valve BOAX-B Gaz


Centred disc butterfly valve, elastomer sealing; equipped with yellow lever; semi-lug type body (type T2).
Applications up to 10 bar; connection PN10 PN16 after EN ISO norms.


Transport and distribution of natural gas.

Overview of technical data
Body design Median rib body
Dimension standard EN 558- 1/20;ISO 5752/20
Valve disc/plug material Soft seat
Threaded-end design Wafer- type design
Body material (EN standard) JS 1030
DN max. 400
DN min. 40
eClass assignment 37010301
Main applications Industry and process engineering; Building services
Body material Nodular cast iron
PN max. 10
Maximum temperature 60 °C
Minimum temperature 20- °C
Max. flow velocity 2 M/S