KSB Butterfly Valve BOAX-SF

Butterfly valve for building services, with anti-condensation feature, elastomer liner (EPDM XU or Nitrile K). Spherically machined valve disc made of stainless steel (6g). With lever, manual gearbox or pneumatic actuator. BOAX-SF: full-lug type body (T4), suitable for downstream dismantling and deadend service. Valve disc made of stainless steel 1.4308. Connections to EN possible.
Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, for drinking water.
Overview of technical data
Actuator options available ex works Electric actuator type ACTELEC
Body design Lug body
Anti-condensation feature Yes
Valve disc material 1. 4301
Dimension standard EN 558- 1/20 ISO 5752/20
Liner material EPDM- XU;NITRILE-K
Valve disc/plug material Soft seat
Threaded-end design Wafer- type design;Screwed flange design
Body material (EN standard) JS 1030
DN max. 600
DN min. 20
eClass assignment 37010301
Main applications 00; Waste water / sewage;Industry and process engineering;Water;Building services
Body material Nodular cast iron
PN max. 16
Maximum temperature 130 °C
Minimum temperature 10- °C